CluBCpG: Cluster-Based analysis of CpG methylation

What is CluBCpG?

CluBCpG is a software package built to analyze whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) data. This toolkit will divide each chromosome into small user-defined intervals, extract all WGBS reads within those intervals, cluster them based on identity, and write a final report to the use containing all identified CpG methylation patterns.

CluBCpG supports both paired-end and single-end data and any read-length. However, a read length of at least 100 base-pairs is recommended

CluBCpG is written 100% in Python, but CluBCpG requires no knowledge of python (or any programming language) to use.

CluBCpG was created to be primarily utilized as command line based tools, but it does provide a few APIs which may be useful on their own for researchers. Those APIs are documented in API documentation.

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